Music brings us closer to God

Music is a part of the Church of Wies, above all the sound of the organ. It leads to profound experiences and the most enjoyable hours at a worship service or a "classical" concert as for example a Mozart mass or a Bach cantata, where music, space, time and prayer "merge" with each other.

Many pilgrims and visitors to the Church of Wies are delighted by the "delicacy and harmony" of a wonderful song and when the visitor experiences the whole beauty of the Wies in the resounding four-toned chord of art, theology, light and music, he can experience, what moved the builder of the Church, Abbot Marianus II Mayer, to express in the following words: 'Hoc loco habitat fortuna, hic quiescit cor' (happiness is here, here the heart finds peace). We wish with all our hearts that those who visit our "beautiful Wies" may experience this happiness and find inner peace.