People with Disabilities

Instructions for People with Disabilities

Visitors who have problems walking can be taken by car (minibuses not permitted!) to the south entrance, where they can enter the church without climbing any steps. Drive past the chapel below the Church of Wies for about 300 meters and then turn sharp left. Go directly to the south entrance of the church. After exiting the vehicle, the vehicle must then be parked in the public parking area.

When using the inner ramp with a wheelchair from the church anteroom to the nave, the assistance of an addition person is advisable.


Disabled parking spaces

For disabled persons with ID, there are two disabled parking spaces available in the enclosed area behind a bollard on the south side of the church. After a pre-registration by phone in the parish office (+49 (0) 8862/932 930) the approach can be opened. Please note that the parish office is not permanently occupied.



 download this description to prepare your visit.


People with a visual impairment

May also enter the church with a Seeing Eye dog.
For guided tours for visually impaired people, a tactile model can also be made available upon request by telephone.

People with a hearing impairment

May sit in the front pews to use the audio induction loop.
(Set the hearing aid to I, T or MT)